The high pressure cleaner in the test – knowledgeable & more

A high-pressure cleaner is a cleaning device which, thanks to the high water pressure (15 to over 1000 bar), is able to dissolve or remove even strong and persistent soiling. Depending on the device and type of contamination, a cleaning agent is sometimes added as well. High pressure cleaners are usually driven by electrical means or by means of a combustion engine. Some models also have a so-called PTO drive or a hydraulic motor.

The origin

The high pressure cleaners are a further development of steam jet cleaners, which were used by the American army in the second world war. Alfred Kärcher was then responsible for the maintenance and repair of these steam jet cleaners. After some work succeeded Kärcher then 1950 to develop the first European high-pressure cleaner, by generated high water pressure by using a pump and therefore could increase the cleaning power of the equipment used by a multiple.

The main differences of the models

Depending on the industry, the task area and the respective cleaning task, the appropriate high-pressure cleaner should also be selected. It is also important to observe the water pressure and the amount of water to be supplied by the cleaner. The high water feed rate is important since it not only ensures a strong impact force, but is also responsible for the removal of the dissolved dirt particles. The best models can be found in the current high-pressure cleaner test for 2015 . This should be thoroughly examined before a possible purchase.

Here, a division into differentiated classes can be made: For example, cleaners of the lower class operate with a pressure of approx. 80 to 100 bar and ensure flow rates of approx. 400 liters per hour. Mid-Range Devices contrast promote triple the amount (1200 liters / h) at a pressure of about 150 to 200 bar . Designed for professional use, devices with over 2000 bar water pressure and a flow rate of approximately 1500 liters per hour are suitable. Such devices are also referred to as “high pressure cleaners”.

How does the cleaner work?

A high-pressure cleaner consists of several components, all of which are important for the proper functioning of the appliance. These include, in addition to the drive motor (of various kinds) and the detergent tank and the high-pressure pump , the high-pressure hose and the high pressure nozzle . The high-pressure cleaner is usually mounted in a frame and is also mounted on a chassis. In order to work with the device, it also has a hand gun. Optionally, some models also have a radiator.

The water or the cleaning agent is brought to a high pressure by means of the high-pressure pump. The high-pressure cleaning agent is then discharged through the cleaning nozzle as a high-speed water jet, which allows to remove even stubborn dirt, or even unwanted and old paint layers of objects and objects.